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Question: What happens on an initial appointment in your Englewood office?

Steve: The first meeting is really to get acquainted, discuss what they are looking for and what we provide... to find out if it's a good fit. No one is asked to sign anything or make any type of commitment on the first appointment. We discuss their "core values" that will guide the planning process.

Question: How are you compensated?

Steve: All financial products acquired in the marketplace have costs associated with their acquisition. The number of different fee and commission arrangements available to the consumer are numerous and designed to appeal to different investors given their different situations. My approach is to explain all these to the client. As a fiduciary, the key is to provide transparency...nothing hidden, nothing left for the client to discover later regarding fees and expenses.

Question: Do you trade individual securities for clients?

Steve: In my opinion, serious investment management requires portfolios based upon diversification and asset allocation strategies that have the goal of reducing risk and enhancing returns over time. While no assurance can be made of a particular outcome, I believe this is best done through separately managed accounts. Quite often, these accounts include personalized trading that addresses the client's needs and desires.

Question: Can you summarize your investment philosophy?

Steve: Since gaining back losses is generally more difficult than avoiding them in the first place, I try hard to recommend strategies that are most likely to mitigate the effects of market volatility and emotion driven decision making. Diversification can greatly reduce overall risk in a portfolio. I have seen many financial fads come and go over many years. There is no substitute for wisdom, time, discipline and integrity to produce measurable results.